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We are currently investigating possible locations in Michigan, Florida, and New York. If you know of other possible school campuses, let us know! Please complete our survey to let us know what you are looking for in a junior boarding school.

Golden Tree Academy is a concept school developed based on experiences working within the junior boarding school industry and various summer residential programs. The hope is to create a small, nurturing, engaging, and enriching academic and living community for students in fourth through eighth grade that would otherwise not get the support, attention, and appreciation they need to thrive in more traditional school settings. Learn more about what we hope to achieve in our Vision Statement.

We believe our program can be one of the best in the nation for the type of children we seek to enroll. We are currently investigating potential properties in Michigan, Florida, and New York. Click here to learn more about our background and needs to continue our development.

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If you would have interest in enrolling your child in a program such as ours or If you are aware of resources to help us continue our development, please contact us.

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