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School Program
In addition to academic classes, we stress the critical values of self-reliance and cooperation, organization, individual and group problem-solving, development of effective study habits and social skills, respect for individual differences, contribution to the community, and the pursuit of excellence throughout our entire program.


It's 9 am! Our all-school meeting is an important time for all students and available staff to come together as a community to start the day with a mindfullness moment, sing songs, share announcements, and discuss important topics. There are no specific leaders of this time; both staff and students may take an active lead in this start of the school day.


  • An enriched, challenging, classical education program, combining the best of direct instruction, inquiry based learning, and authentic and experiential educational experiences
  • Development of critical thinking, social, life, and academic skills
  • Teachers with specialized experience and training of our unique student population
  • Classes ranging from 2 to 8 students plus individual tutoring provides ample opportunity for individual attention
  • Developmentally appropriate scheduling with a start time after 9 am

Recreation and Athletics

Students are provided daily mindfulness development, non-competitive recreation, and physical exercise. Opportunities for both structured and unstructured play are provided to all students. As a small school, we do not have athletic teams.

Boarding Program

  • Family type atmosphere in which staff care for students 24 hours a day
  • Full time house parents that live with students throughout the year
  • Focus on the development of social, life, and executive functioning skills
  • Weekend outings and activities
  • Daily study hall time
  • Supervised Internet access available for study purposes

House parents perform all the administrative and parenting duties of the home they live in. Our houseparents are full time, living with the students, which provides the children with a consistent, structured, and caring environment. House parents are responsible for maintaining a cohesive family unit and maintaining communication with parents, guardians, teachers, and any therapists. They acknowledge appropriate behavior and correct negative behavior, tutor, plan activities and events, counsel/advise, and teach the students to work through daily problems that may come up in the course of a day.

Weekend Activities

The weekend is a time for rest, relaxation, and fun! Weekend activities are planned and directed by our weekend coordinator or other school staff. Activities may include group games, trips to the movies, theme parks, going to the lake, attending a professional sporting event, ice skating, roller skating, laser tag, bowling, white-water rafting, skiing, and other group activities. The weekend also provides time for students to pursue their hobbies and catch up on rest, classwork, or homework.

Daily Schedule

Our schedule is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. We include mindfullness moments, fruits and vegetables at meals and for snacks, developmentally appropriate wake-up and bed-time schedule, an afternoon rest time, and nine to ten hours of lights-out so students may get an appropriate and healthy amount of rest and sleep.

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