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Interested in helping to develop a new type of school for non-traditional learners, either as a team member or founding family? Please contact us if you have the resources, unique talents such as marketing or admissions, or professional boarding school experience that could be useful in helping us get this unique school off the ground.
Why Choose Golden Tree Academy

A rigorous academic program designed specifically for intermediate and middle grade students.

Faculty trained in the unique developmental characteristics of intermediate and middle school aged children. Whether you choose Golden Tree Academy or another school, we highly encourage all students in 8th grade or under who are considering boarding schools to attend a school specifically attuned to the needs of the intermediate and middle school aged child, rather than a high school that also happens to offer classes for younger students.

Enriched and challenging courses designed around the needs of our unique learners.

Small classes. Our average class size is six students with never more than ten students in core (math, language arts, social studies, and science) courses. This greatly helps in reaching the various needs of each of our unique students.

Individualized instruction available for each student. When there is not sufficient time during the class periods, teachers make an effort to provide extra help to students before school, during afternoon break, and after school. Resident students have opportunities for instruction during the evenings.

Life skills development. Our small boarding program offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to develop a wide variety of skills with other students, teachers, and staff. Our program focuses on the total development of the child, including development of social, executive functioning, critical thinking, study, and other related life skills.

Developmentally appropriate scheduling. Classes start later and end later than most traditional schools in order to accommodate the wake / sleep cycle of the age group. No 6:00 am wakeups here! We also include an appropriate amount of room time so that students can get their required amount of sleep.

A warm, safe, and caring community of staff who know each student. Every staff member, teacher, house parent, service personnel, and administrator plays an active role in the development of each child.

A family-style atmosphere. Caring house parents provide appropriate activities, supervise and help tutor during study hall, and guide students in developing appropriate life skills, including integrity, responsibility, and leadership. During the school year, a maximum of two students share a single room. Single rooms may be requested and are available on a space available basis.

Full-time house parents. All our house parents live on-campus and take full-time responsibility over the resident-life portion of the program. As their primary responsibility is with the resident life program, they teach a maximum of two academic courses. Students have access to house parents during all non-academic hours, including overnights, in case of emergency.

Fun weekend activities where students get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere than the classroom and have a great time. All boarding students participate in the activities and day students are welcome to join as well as space is available. Spontaneous outings also occur occasionally during the week.

Experiences and friends that will last a lifetime.

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